Learning Process

I spent my entire Saturday trying to progress on Laketown (Laketown would be my horror game’s title placeholder from now on), and I gotta say, making assets is so damn hard!

I tried making a walking animation for my character and it took all morning, and I’ve only made one for when my character is walking sideways. The end result? It’s nowhere near as desirable as I’d like it to be. It’s not even NES-level jittery. I guess I would have to postpone any efforts in fully animating my characters for now.

The next thing that I tried to do is create the very first indoor environment for the game, and I think that this is the only thing that I got almost right (it’s about 65% nicely done, since I gotta make performance efficient). In it, the main character is to find a letter from his SO. I set it so that a collision between the letter and the player character would change the game’s current room to another one which displays only the contents of the letter. To return to the previous room, I added an invisible object which would do just that if a certain button is pressed. It may not seem much, but I’m proud of that. However, I’d like to set it up so that the contents of the letter would only pop up on top of the main game room, but for now, this would have to do. That’s how Silent Hill 1 does it anyway.

In the room is another object which would take the player character outside of the room, also upon contact(this is what real, non-digital people refer to as a “door”), to the apartment’s yard. Oh yeah, did I tell you that I’ve also made another asset for the yard? Okay, so I’ve also created the yard of the apartment which would serve as another game room. I’ve created the background BEFORE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF TILES (so sue me), so I’ve basically set a huge picture (I don’t know guys, is 440*800 huge by GMS standards?) as the whole background for that room. The end result? It takes a long fucking time to transition between the two rooms (the indoor and the yard) and I think that this is the problem. So what will be the consequences? I think that I might have to fucking redo the whole shizzle. The shizzle that I spent a day making.

Am I disappointed? Yes. Do I think that I just wasted an entire day doing nothing? No. At least I’ve learned about the sprite storage tab in the global settings of GMS. And tiles (although I haven’t really figured them all out).

About the setting of the game, yeah, maybe I’ll put that on hold first. I’ll work first in improving how the game works. Wouldn’t want you guys to say that I’m just all talk and concepts. So that’t it for now. Bye!


Updates – 2/23/2017

Hey guys. For now, I’ll be pausing any developments for my stealth game as I’ll be shifting my focus to creating my survival horror game.

As of today, I’ve learned new things about how GMS works, especially in the camera department. If you’ve downloaded the prototype that I’ve uploaded last time, you’ll notice that the camera never moves. This time, I’ve learned how to center the camera on the character (like the old Pokemon games). This discovery (disclaimer: laugh all you want, but little discoveries and like this are a very big deal to me; remember that I have ZERO coding/programming experience) finally enables me to create large rooms that allow for a scrolling view (again, just like the old Pokemon games). I’ve also started creating sprites (this time non-polygonal) to be used for my games.

Also, just today, I have started conceptualizing my survival horror game. It would be based on my town (ideally), and would have a story and gameplay like Silent Hill 2’s (best video game narrative EVER). Before you start gathering your pitchforks, I would just like to acknowledge that this game would be created like a tribute (hence, the similarities), but with enough different features and themes to hopefully distinguish it from SH2.I first planned this game to be somehow linear, but decided to try and make it somewhat of an open world game, with little stories sprinkled throughout the town that the player could optionally uncover (in other words, sidequests). See, I told you guys that this would have different features than SH2. Also, in SH2, James had a paper map of the town, but in this game, the player character would instead have a smartphone (like Harry in Silent Hill Shattered Memories) which functions as the map (GPS) and would also be able to receive texts from other characters in order to progress the story. Sounds ambitious? You bet your ass it is. Hopefully, I’ll be able to deliver.

For my next post, I’ll be talking about more updates, as well as the town that my survival horror game’s setting would be based on. Stay tuned!

My first game prototype

Okay, so I couldn’t wait so I’m just gonna go ahead and post the first prototype that I’ve made. It’s kinda based on Metal Gear. I created it so that I could understand the mechanics of GML better. Since it’s my first prototype (and it’s not even finished yet), expect it to be very rough, and the only thing that you can do is walk around in four directions and shoot the security camera.

The finished game is supposed to have a story set in a prison of sorts as the protagonist, wrongly accused of treason in a third-world country under martial law, tries to escape. It’s also going to be set after global warming has caused the world to become just a little bit stricter with its water supply (and stricter in general).

Feed backs are very much appreciated. Goodbye again, and stay tuned for my next post!

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Hey there.

I’m Viktor. As of February 2017, I’m a 2nd year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student somewhere in Southeast Asia. I’m currently 19 years old, and has a bitch of a girlfriend (hehe just kidding, I love you, Lyka). I love video games just as much as I hate studying.

If you were one of the unfortunate people who happened upon this blog, you may now be wondering, as you read, “What the hell am I doing here? What is this ‘Outer Hill Game’ or whatever?”

Well, friends, this blog is a start of a new project of mine. I said earlier that I love video games, right? That is in fact, true. If the URL kinda reminds you of Silent Hill or Metal Gear, that is because those are two of my favorite video game series.

“So what?” you may ask again.

Ah screw it with the beating around the bush bullshit. I created this blog in order to document my progress in trying to make video games using Game Maker Live. I have little experience with the program and with programming as a whole, so, suffice to say, I’m gonna have a hell of a time making these games. I may lose inspiration and interest from time to time as I’m a busy person (veterinary student, whatever), so I’m also kinda making this blog to help remind me why I started these projects.

I think that this would be it for my first post. For the next one (I’m gonna try and post it within a week), I’m gonna try and upload the first prototype of a stealth game that I started last year (started, not finished). I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did. Ciao.